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As a Muslim Hijabi Woman, I am fully aware of the difficulties we can face in attending gyms and exercising the way in which some women want to. Having gained an understanding for health and fitness through my own studies and years of experience, I feel I have something to offer to both Muslim and Non- Muslim women looking to enhance their health and fitness. I have decided to offer fitness instructing and personal training, on both a face-to-face and online basis. I am currently pursuing my qualifications in Level 2 fitness instructing and Level 3 personal training.





All face sessions are in London at your home, chosen gym or alternative location. Prior to a session, we will discuss your goals and I will prepare a workout based on this. Should you want to book a block of sessions, we will discuss your goals and ideas further, building a program around this. I am here to help! I really hope you help you achieve changes in your lifestyle so you can be a healthier, happier you!

Prices :

One off session =£25
Block of 5 sessions = £120
Block of 10 sessions = £225

Additional small charges may apply due to travel expenses and gym entrance however I will do my best to keep these to a minimum!

Group sessions are available – prices vary on number of people.

To book, drop me an email at





For those who are not in London – fear not! I have created a great online workout program that will allow you to personal train with me from wherever in the world you are! You can opt to have a plan based for home workout or gym – whatever is available and convenient for you! This program includes:

Initial consultation: This will be a 30 minute skype/phone consultation discussing your needs, goals and hopes for the program. We will go into depth your current fitness level and do various health checks.

Workout plan: Based on everything discussed I will prepare a workout plan to suit help you achieve the goals you want.

Weekly check in: You will be required to submit a weekly assessment on how you are doing, what issues you are having and what progress you have made. This will be via email. Each week you will receive a report with additional guidance based on how your previous week progressed and your plan tweaked appropriately.

Block of 4 weeks = £50
Block of 8 weeks = £85
Block of 10 weeks = £100

For more information or to book, drop me an email






I found Aishah’s training techniques to be very thought out and focused. She made sure from the start that I was aware of my form when doing exercising, educating me about different exercises and muscles groups as we went along. She made sure to listen to my goals and helped me work out to achieve these. Thank you.


The plan has been a great booster to my fitness journey although I was already attending gym I didn’t really have a schedule. Thanks to Aishah, I have a proper schedule and routine for gym which motivates me to workout. What I like about the online training is that you can contact whenever you are not sure of anything and just let her know what you can do to adjust the exercises.


Umm Esa

Aishah has helped me through my fitness journey by exposing me to exercises routine I would not have chosen to do myself while showing me the correct posture and technique. I also found the nutritional consultation really helpful as it has made me more aware of my eating habits and has helped me change my relationship with food.


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