6 reasons why you should weight lift

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Those who have been following my blog and social media for a while will know that I am an advocate for weight lifting. Yes, I know – you don’t want to get bulky and look like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger. Neither do I! We always see weight lifting as a masculine thing to do because it is associated with wanting to build muscle. The goal for a lot of ladies is around being slim and toned – but what does toned even mean? For most, it is about losing fat, having definition and appearing leaner. How does one get to this stage? You build muscle!

A woman does not have the genetics nor the hormones to reach the point that they look masculine (anyone who does it probably supplementing with some level of hormones or steroids). There are a vast number of reasons why you should be adding some strength training into your life.In the hope of convincing you, here are my 6 top reasons to weight lift as a woman.

Lose weight quicker

Fact: Muscle burns more calories than fat. Muscle continues to burn calories even at rest. So, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories being zapped away leads to greater weight loss. Weightlifting for weight loss is highly recommended if you want to reach your goals faster. With so many fat loss myths out there, it is easy to feel deflated when the techniques you follow are not working. Hit the weights and you will soon start to see the benefits!


Weight lifting is a great way to develop your confidence. By having a goal you want to achieve and working towards it with visible changes in physique and strength, you are likely to feel like a superwoman. It may sound funny but being able to pick up your own shopping, open that jar of nutella (everyone deserves a treat!) and having energy are triumphs that may seem minuscule but have a profound effect on your happiness and outlook.

You will be smarter

Research has shown that after 6 months of resistance training, you could find your memory, both long and short term, has increased along with your verbal reasoning and attention span!

Improve bone density

A day will come when we are no longer in our 20’s or 30’s. The older we get, our bone’s lose mass as do your muscles – especially when we hit the menopause and see a drop in estrogen. Weight lifting and strength exercises have been shown to increase the density in bones, reducing the risk of fractures and helping to combat the risk of falls or injury.The earlier you begin weight training the greater change you have of bone health later on in life.

Build your curves

Looking feminine is important to many ladies. We all want to feel beautiful when we look at ourselves in the mirror – this is not a crime and is something we are entitled to feel. Strength training and lifting weights is highly effective is sculpting your body into a shape that you are more comfortable in. Feeling happier in your body will allow you to feel content and joyful in other areas of your life – making you a happier, healthier lady!

Sleep better

Strength training has also been shown to improve the quality of sleeping following a high intensity session. You can be sleeping deeper, for longer and without disturbance throughout the night as a result of picking up some weights and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Getting a good night sleep will help you remain brighter in the day and, importantly, wake up for fajr early in the morning.




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    Jazakillahu khayra! After being really hesitant with weight lifting in the past, I am now obsessed with it 🙂

    January 30, 2017 at 10:17 pm
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