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  • Coconut Berry Cupcakes Recipe

      Print Coconut Berry Cupcakes Yield: 8 cupcakes Ingredients 2 medium eggs 70g coconut sugar (or a sweetener of your…

    / February 8, 2017
  • Coconut Banana Mini Cakes

    My cupboards have acquired a heap of coconut based products – flour, oil, sugar, syrup. I use coconut oil for…

    / July 27, 2016
  • pink mug cake

    Pink Mug Cake

    So, it feels like it has been ages since I posted a recipe on my blog¬†(possibly because it has been…

    / July 8, 2016
  • Cashew & Cocoa Nib Mug Cake

    One thing I find super amazing and beautiful are quick recipes that use appliances that you may never have thought…

    / January 23, 2016
  • Chocolate Crunch Bites

    I have a serious sweet tooth which causes me a lot of bother – usually in the form of trips…

    / December 11, 2015
  • Date Almond Balls

      Is anyone else a fan of Nakd bars? I absolutely love them; their sweet with no added gunk in…

    / September 18, 2015
  • Frozen Banana Cupcakes

    I was lucky enough to be send some samples of Rawr Chocolate. They come in a range of different flavours…

    / April 11, 2015
  • Egg & Olive salad

    I was looking through my recipe posts and realised I seem to be on a roll. I am quite pleased…

    / April 3, 2015
  • Healthy Blueberry Banana Icecream

    With spring finally here and the slow increase in daily temperature, I was unsurprised to find my freezer slowly being…

    / March 28, 2015