Healthy Blueberry Banana Icecream

    With spring finally here and the slow increase in daily temperature, I was unsurprised to find my freezer slowly being taken over by vanilla ice cream and twister lollies. Though I eat healthy and exercise, I tend to feed my body what it craves. This is dangerous, given that tends to be sweets, sweets and more sweets.  This is why you will find most of my recipes tend to be healthier alternatives to the classic sweet junk food we all love.


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    Easy Oat Pancakes


    Weekend breakfasts are the best!

    I have been meaning to share this pancake recipe because it is simply so easy to make. The great thing about pancakes is they can be eaten with almost anything. When you are usually munching down porridge or toast for breakfast during the week, these pancakes are a great weekend alternative. Though in the recipe I have no added anything additional into the batter, cocoa nibs or some blueberries go well inside the pancake.

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    5 top tips to stay organised

    My sore arms are struggling to type today having gotten a tad bit eager during my biceps and triceps day yesterday. I had just gotten home after a long day and really did not want to. The alternative was to catch up with last week’s episode of Broadchurch and eat some yogurt. However, it quickly dawned on me my  lazy innerself would knock me off my schedule. The only way I manage to juggle studying full time, being on placement, volunteering, learning a language and a not-so-hectic social life (sacrifice!) is by making sure I stay organised. Sometimes it works great and sometimes….not so great!

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