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You want to get into a fitness routine, work your muscles and feel super fit. The only thing is you are super busy and have zero time between changing wet nappies, going to work, attending class, hanging out with friends, cooking, cleaning and the other million things on your schedule.  If only you had more time, right? I want to teach you how to make time to exercise because you can fit it into your life without sacrificing anything else.

I think often when we struggle to find time to workout not only because of time but because we lack motivation. These two factors together can take their toll on the fitness journey but it can be overcome. Here are some of the tips I apply when I am struggling to find time to workout:


Book it in

How to make time to exercise with a busy schedule can feel like a major challenge. However, I would argue if you treat working out like any other important event, it will become super easy. How, I hear you ask? Simply book it into your diary like you would a lecture at school, a dinner with friends or a meeting at work. Slot in enough time to get to your gym, if necessary, to change, exercise and to shower. Set a reminder on your phone to make sure you know you scheduled this in.


Have a plan

With the time you reserve for exercise, it is key to have a plan as to what you will do with that time. There is nothing worse than spending half the time feeling confused about what to do, right? I have a plan I follow every month but I also have some “back up” circuits that I will do in case I have less time than I expected. This means I will procrastinate less and will get the most out of my time. If you need some help with putting a workout plan together, head here to work with me.


Find your motivation

Often, time is less of the issue and it is more to do with the motivation behind exercise. It can feel like a chore to go to the gym and run the treadmill or attend a class. It will feel like that if you are pushing yourself to do a form of exercise that you are not enjoying. There are so many ways to get fit and healthy: swimming, running, Pilates, weight training, circuits, classes – whatever takes your fancy. Find what works for you and what will make you want to get up off the coach to get those muscles moving.


Involve your kids

Making time to exercise with a baby or toddler and even teenagers can be a pain because they demand your attention. One of the great ways around this is to get them involved too. Go on a day out hiking somewhere local and beautiful, get your toddler a set of toy dumbbells so they can safely copy your moves or race each other in the park. Not only will this help to fit in a form of workout for you but it will also promote a healthy lifestyle for them!


Limit screen time

Let’s be honest, we all spend tons of time on our phone. Whether we are scrolling through social media, messaging friends on whatsapp or reading different blog posts, the minutes add up to a vast amount of time over the days and weeks. Limit the amount of time you are spending on your phone and use that time to do a workout.


Get up early

Wake up a teeny bit earlier than usual to fit in a workout in the morning before the rest of your day. This can be hard, especially if you struggle wake up early. My tip would be to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier to being with to slot in a quick circuit workout. As you become more comfortable and the routine is starting to take shape, slowly increase that time. It is also important to get good sleep to ensure you are resting your body enough.


Be realistic

Do not plan to spend hours exercising because a) you do not need to spend tons of time on working out and b) it is not sustainable. Quality is way more important and quantity. My biggest tip would be to start small, even if it is 10 – 15 minutes. Every week or fortnight increase the amount of time you are allocating. This will allow it to become ingrained in your schedule because you are slowly building it into your day.



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