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Clutter minimises productivity; declutter in these days leading up to Ramadhan to ensure a stress free and calm surrounding. Ramadhan is a month which passes us by very quickly; each year we are shocked at how fast Ramadhan ends. Each minute of this month is special and is a time of potential worship along with individual growth. Being organised is they key to being productive at any point of our lives however this becomes paramount in this month.

Being organised should not only refer to our daily activities but also the environment we are in. Finding yourself in a cluttered room, attempting to do your school work or develop a project, can be negative for your creativity and focus. Also, how many times have you wasted looking for a pen? Shoes? Matching socks? Favourite hijab? If you are anything like me, the answer is likely to be half your lifetime! Apply this to Ramadhan and there is a recipe of time wasting that can be spent on worship or learning.

Every moment counts in the blessed month and while most of us have work or school plus other commitments taking up our time, the last thing we want is precious moments passing because of a cluttered space. This month indicates and helps us to change. For many of us young people, our bedrooms are the main area in which we have most clutter however any part of the house may need to be sorted out. With these last few days before Ramadhan, spend some time organising your surroundings to help minimise the amount of time spent cleaning or organising

Here are some tips that I am applying to help me declutter and prepare for Ramadhan.

  • Schedule a day / weekend

Some of you may find a day is enough to declutter your room. Others, may require more than that. This is not necessarily because you are hoarding tons but simply because it can be a tiring and time consuming process. Schedule into your diary a day or weekend that is set aside specifically for this task. Gather your equipment beforehand – bin bags specifically!

  • Organise before buying

This is something I have not tried but it makes a whole heap of sense! Before buying storage boxes and the like, actually organise your items and have an idea of where you want them to go. This will help in making sure you are buying the right sized boxes and not over spending on things you do not actually need.

  • Have a map

Yes – create a map of your room. What I mean by this is, before even starting to organise things, sit down and make a list of your general items, such as books, shoes, hijabs etc. Once you have a list, make a plan of where their home will be. Are you going to use a bookshelf? What will reside under your bed? Where can you neatly organise your hjiabs? Give everything a home! This is one of the problems that lead to clutter; if they have no home to begin with then how can you keep things clean and tidy?

  • Chunk it

The mammon task to declutter a room can understandably become stressful and exhausting. One way to tackle this is by starting in chunks. So start with one area and only move on once that has been fully dealt with. Be it your cupboards, wardrobe, dresser, shelves – take it one compartment at a time. Ask yourself what do you actually need to keep? What can this be the home for? What is the best means of organising?

  • Use labels

Want to be super organised? Use labels for boxes to help you remember what belongs where as a way to declutter your bedroom in the long term. This works great for kitchens and bathrooms where others will also play a part in cluttering. It acts as a reminder when cleaning up in future what actually is allowed to live there! No squatters in the land of organisation!

  • Make a charity box

When going through your items, things that no longer are needed can be popped into a charity box or bag. Maybe let friends or family have the chance to take what you do not need anymore. Often, we hoard things because they are still in good condition and therefore feel we can not throw them away. Giving them to charity is hence a great way to find them a new home.

  • Do not over fill

How great is this idea?! We often super overfill up our cupboards, wardrobes and boxes. Do not do this! Each lid and door needs to be able to close with ease. If this is not happening and if you are running out of space, this is likely to suggest you have more than you need. Be honest when tackling the challenge to declutter your room and only keep that which you have space for.


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