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With the winter months bringing cold, windy weather, my skin always ends up looking grey and sad – very much reflecting the weather! I have always suffered from dry skin and this only gets worse in winter. Not only do my hands become cracked and dry, so does my face. So this year, I decided to ensure I kept skin nutrition in mind when picking the products and routines I would be following in the cold months. Winter is not yet over so I thought I would share some of these ideas with you!

Drinking plenty 

This seems so basic but it is a really hard one to keep on top of, especially in the winter. In summer months, we are always more cautious of hydration because we are outdoors and sweating more. We tend to stay indoors during the cold, forgetting that we still need to be drinking adequate amounts of water. Add in a hectic work/social/home life and we begin to neglect this basic step in skincare.


Being deficient in nutrients and minerals can lead to dry and rough skin as well as hair. Ensuring you are eating your way to skin happiness is important and topping up with supplements is a great way to help tackle skin issues internally. So, what kind of things can you take. Zinc, Vitamin A and C are all essential in helping skin cells grow, replenish and stay healthy. You can find good supplements in your local health stores; always remember to buy from somewhere that is regulated as high doses of these minerals and vitamins can be harmful. I buy all my supplements from Hollands and Barrett.

Keep moisturising

I carry a number of moisturing creams with me wherever I go because I know there will be times in the day that my skin will feel like it is hungry for some moisture. Again, it seems really basic but giving your skin what it needs is important. The cold weather dries out the hydration from the skin.

Oil up

This year, I decided to use a vitamin E oil on my skin in the morning and evening. After reading that oil based products create a protective layer than helps to retain moisture, I knew it was something that would make a big change to my skincare routine. Vitamin E is great at helping to reduce stretch marks, acne marks and blemishes that you may have and it is brilliant for dry skin. I am always cautious in using organic and chemical free products (read why here) so when I came across Eden Semilla brand of organic and natural oils I was eager to try them. One of the best things I have found with this brand is you do not feel like you are lathering up your skin with oil; it is easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, without it being greasy.



What tips do you have for winter skincare?

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