6 tips to get back into a workout routine

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It happens to all of us – one day you realise your workout routine no longer exists and lounging in your PJ’s does. The sweating gym sessions and morning muscle soreness seem like something of the past now that you have hung up that workout outfit. Can you ever turn back the clock? Probably not – so you think!

It is normal to sometimes fall off the bicycle and find it hard to get back on. Believe me – there have been so many times when I realise my workout game is not where I want it to be. It can be disheartening and can lead to you finding it even more difficult to get back on it. To help you, I have put together 6 tips on how to get back into a workout routine.

  • Acknowledge it is normal

This is by far the most important point – don’t beat yourself up about the fact you have not been to the gym for x amount of days or weeks. Reflect on it and ask yourself “is there a reason why?”. Perhaps the plan you were following was too difficult or maybe you just didn’t enjoy it. It could be you were expecting too much from yourself by thinking 6 gym sessions a week was feasible.

  • Don’t overdo it

When heading back into a workout routine, do not overdo it with what you do in a session and how many sessions you do. This will only be damaging for you in the long run as you are likely to fatigue after a short space of time and end up back at square one. Aim for the number of workouts that are feasible to for you. Try exercise regimes that suit your body type and don’t be afraid to leave the trends of what others are doing.

  • Focus on quality over quantity

Focus on the quality of your workouts, making every exercise work your muscles out correctly. Focus on the form of the exercise and the technique of the equipment being used. We often think 50 reps will give us our result; when we fail to see the change we want, we simply give up. The way to rectify this issue is by researching and being aware of how you should be doing the exercise – this is when you will start to see a change.

  • Start with a good warm up and cool down

Looking after your body before and after a workout is super important! Make sure you spend time doing a warm up as this will enhance the experience you get from exercising. Equally, cooling down and stretching will reduce the soreness that you develop following a session – making it much more likely that you will get back onto the exercise mat for the next session!

  • Find a friend for motivation

Power in numbers – as they say. Find a friend to workout, go to the gym or join fitness classes with. By having someone else there to motivate you will help you to keep going; it is amazing how much energy you can get simply by having a friend with you.

  • Set goals

Where do you see yourself in 6, 12 and 18 weeks? What strength goals do you have? Weight goals? Setting a fitness goal with help you keep walking on the treadmill (excuse the pun!) towards where you want to be. It will help to keep you focused and drive you to keep up with your workout routine.

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