Seven ways to declutter your mind

    Declutter your mind for control, productivity and happiness. Our mind and thoughts play a massive role in how we live our lives. Sometimes our minds run at 100mph, pushing us into a state of reduced productivity and instability. The environment around us, our situations and stresses push the mind into states that are not always the healthiest. Our mind is a storage box of our dreams, feelings, nightmares and difficulties; a mosaic of polarised emotions.

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    Healthy suhoor ideas

    As mentioned in the previous post about foods for Ramadhan, I was asked by many of you to give some examples of what can be eaten for Suhoor and Iftar, the two main meals during the month. What we eat at these two meals is essentially the petrol we are filling our tanks with; this will provide us with the energy we need to fulfill all our Ramadhan plans, activities and goals. Continue reading

    Fasting during exams

    exams in ramadhan

    During my time in university, there were many years when I had exams during Ramadhan. Fasting during exams is not a bad thing! I found my results were surprisingly much better than I had expected, especially given I had many practical exams that required speaking for a long period of time.

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    How to spend your Ramadhan when not fasting


    Ramadhan is a blessed month; this month is a time of reflection and personal development. Many of us make sure we take plenty of time out from our schedule to focus on the studying of the Qur’an. Many aim to finish the Qur’an once in the month of Ramadan, reaping the rewards of recitation. We ensure we have energy to stand in prayer throughout the night as we want our hearts to become closer to Allah.

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    How to declutter 

    declutter your bedroom

    Clutter minimises productivity; declutter in these days leading up to Ramadhan to ensure a stress free and calm surrounding. Ramadhan is a month which passes us by very quickly; each year we are shocked at how fast Ramadhan ends. Each minute of this month is special and is a time of potential worship along with individual growth. Being organised is they key to being productive at any point of our lives however this becomes paramount in this month.

    Being organised should not only refer to our daily activities but also the environment we are in. Finding yourself in a cluttered room, attempting to do your school work or develop a project, can be negative for your creativity and focus. Also, how many times have you wasted looking for a pen? Shoes? Matching socks? Favourite hijab? If you are anything like me, the answer is likely to be half your lifetime! Apply this to Ramadhan and there is a recipe of time wasting that can be spent on worship or learning.

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