Ramadan workout

    ONLY £5


    Ramadan is a time in which we spend our time focusing on improving our practise of Islam. We work hard to develop our relationship with Allah. Throughout the day, we spend many hours without food and drink, waiting for the Maghrib athaan to sound so we can devour the food on our dinner table. Sadly, in Ramadan, many people’s health and fitness deteriorates due to excessive eating of the wrong foods that lack nutritional value. People lack a healthy Ramadan workout routine on top of this.

    Many people are confused about WHEN to exercise and WHAT to eat. Myself and the wonderful Ghaida Ramadan have been working to create an easy and clear guide to your fitness and nutrition this Ramadan. This Ramadan workout programme contains a workout plan, specifically designed for Muslim women who are fasting. It also gives some basic information on what types of foods to include in your diet during the month.

    This unique workout programme is available to purchase for ONLY £5! 20% of all profits will be donated towards Ummah Welfare Trust’s Widow Support programme.



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