Staying healthy on holiday

    healthy on holiday

    The summer is here and many of us will be jetting off to sun and sand. I thought in aid of this, I would put together some short and sweet tips on how to stay healthy on holiday. Being away is a great time to detach from the stress of everyday life and bring yourself back to balance.


    Stay moving – walk!

    Being in a new place is great. Walk around and explore the city that you are in. Walking is always a great way to keep active – even if you are unable to do anything else. Keep walking and remember it is sunnah to do so!


    Make the most of the hotel

    Some hotels have gyms, some do not. If yours does, make the most of it and get yourself in there for a quick morning workout. Try out some easy bodyweight exercises in your hotel room. Just spending 10-15 minutes doing a HIIT workout can make a huge difference!


    Research healthy places to eat

    As you will be most likely eating out every day, be conscious of your servings and what you are eating. Get lots of health fats, vegetables and protein into your meal. Try to research some healthy spots before you head out so you can be prepared for what is in your local area.


    Grab some fruit

    Most places will have local foods, fruits and veg available. Grab some healthy snacks, particularly fresh and in season fruits, to munch on while you are out and about.


    Active Activities

    Spend time outdoors. Go for a hike. Try out some water sports. While you may not be hitting the gym or doing any workouts, this does not mean you can’t find other ways to get yourself active. Fitness is not just about booking in your workout times, it is a lifestyle. Enjoy your surroundings!


    Don’t worry!

    So, you might not remain on a healthy diet 100% of the time that you are away. This is ok! Life is about balance and moderation. Do not stress yourself into the ground, worrying about eating foods that are nutritious, wholesome and healthy to the extent you do not enjoy your time away.


    What are your tips for staying healthy on holiday? Comment below! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram and like the facebook page!

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